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It's Getting Harder to be Heard through Social Media

Posted on Wed, Oct 19, 2011 @ 10:20 AM

I was so excited today when I watched one of the latest video's from Gary Vaynerchuk, a person I consider to be on the cutting edge when it comes to ALL THINGS social!  (BTW, if you haven't read Crush It! you should....even if you don't know a thing about computers or social media!)  

The video talks about how twitter is now up to 250 million tweets per day making it harder and harder to be heard.  Twitter Noise Social Media resized 600What excited me was that I have been telling my friends, clients, and pretty much anyone who will listen that they needed to join the social media revolution early, gain their audience, and then build a community that is sustainable.  When you do this, you become less like the everyday noise and more like a trusted friend who is likely to be listened to. (or read in the case of tweets!)  I also believe that we are moving from a "mall mentality" to a "mini-strip mentality" just as we have with our retail shopping preferences.  Facebook and Twitter are malls.  You have to enter them to get to all the "stores" that you want to visit. When entering them, you are distracted and it often takes more time to get to what you really wanted to see.  Hence the popularity of the mini-strip.  You drive up, enter the store you want, complete your transaction, and are back on your way.  I believe that the next major trend that we are going to see is the mini-strip versions of Facebook and Twitter. In fact, Facebook really is already gearing up for it. Whether these Mega Social Communities find ways to better segment themselves or whether new options open up for more private targeted communities that will be embraced is yet to be seen....but it is coming!

Here's the quick video link to Gary that made me smile!

Happy Tweeting!

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